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23-28% off Filtec Threads
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We are pleased to announce that Digi-Tech will be merging with Urban Elementz as of January 1st 2018. The last day to order from the Digi-Tech website will be 12/29/17.
Please print all order receipts and histories that you think you will need as well, as online order histories will not transfer to Urban Elementz as part of the merger.
Thank you.

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Another option on our sites is for you to order digital files that can be found on our digital venue (BLUE LOGO on landing page) that you can print out from your own home printer. These have the following benefits: • You can size & print them as you need for each quilt. No buying duplicate patterns in different sizes • You save a ton on shipping patterns • You don’t have to wait for the pattern to be printed & shipped. It can be downloaded instantly so you can use it right away • If you ever plan on getting a computerized system you will not have to repurchase the patterns if you keep the additional digital quilting formats that come packaged together with the graphics files that can be resizes & printed Drawbacks of ordering this way: • You do have to spend a small amount of time resizing & printing the pattern. • You will most likely have to tape pages together unless you have a printer that you can banner print on, or you can also take the PDF file to your local print shop & they will print the roll on the spot. Costs some, but still saves on time & shipping costs. Personally, I would always choose to order digital formats & print out the pattern if I even remotely had thought about adding a computerized system in the future. This is what I used to do with my own patterns before we started with the computer assisted quilting machines about 6 years ago. If you have any further questions please let me know. I’d be happy to help.